Select either imperial (miles, feet) or metric (km, meters) for the units appearing in peak label distances and heights.

Display peak information

In addition to peak labels, you can display the peak height and/or distance from the camera position by checking the corresponding checkbox.

Label appearance

Selecting this setting brings up a screen where you can control the following:

Text size
Enter a number for the text size.
Label direction
Choose Horizontal (default) or 45 degrees. The horizontal setting allows more labels to be shown; however, the screen may become cluttered with this setting. Since the labels for closely spaced peaks in the view may be very close to each other, PeakIdentify allows you to choose different colors for the background and marker for each peak to help in identifying which label belongs to which peak (see below).

With the 45 degrees setting, the labeling starts with the highest peak and ends with the lowest peak. If a label does not fit next to an existing label, it will be skipped. You can filter which peaks get labeled by filtering on a height or distance range, as described under Peak Filtering.

Use defaults
If this item is checked, then the defaults that came with PeakIdentify will be used, regardless of the values entered in this settings. If you want to use different values, this box should be unchecked.
Draw box around label
Checking this item will draw a box around the label, using the same color as the text. The default setting is off.
Marker color
The marker is the line that is drawn from peak do its label. Its color can be selected as (1) Same as background (the default), or (2) Same as text.
Text color
Tap the box to choose the color and transparency of the peak label text.
Use color 1 for all labels
Check this box if you want all label backgrounds and markers to have the same color. The color applied is that of the first color in the list that follows. The default is to have different colors for the labels. When choosing different colors (the default), the color used for the labels cycles among the following colors. When the label direction is horizontal, several labels may be close to each other; using different colors may help in distinguishing which peak has which label.
Background color 1...6
Tap the box to choose the color and transparency of the background color for each label.
3D Terrain
Show Terrain
Check the box to display 3D terrain in view.
Terrain Color
Tap to set terrain color and transparency.
Wifi download
Check box if you want to restrict download of Digital Elevation Map (DEM) files to when there is an enabled Wifi connection.
Storage Limit
If downloading is enabled, PeakIdentify will download DEM files for a region of approximately 200 km x 200 km around the current position. If the device changes position, or if you load a photo taken at a different position, the DEM files for that region will be downloaded too. You can use this setting to restrict the total amount of space on the SD card that DEM files occupy. Files for a new location will replace files for the farthest location from the current one when the required space exceeds the current setting.
Camera Height Adjustment
The 3D terrain shown by PeakIdentify is that viewable from the current location. If you wish to get a better overview of the 3D terrain surrounding your current location you can add a height adjustment to the height at your current location. Note that the maximum allowed height is 100,000 meters.